World conference on Forests for Public Health

01.10. – 28.10.2021

25.-28. Oktober 2021, Online-Veranstaltung

The 2nd World Conference on Forests for Public Health will be held virtually 25-28 October 2021. Organized by the Korea Forest Welfare Institute and the Korea Forest Therapy Forum, the 2nd FPH World Conference aims to bring together scientists from all over the world to present their work under the main conference theme “Forest Welfare”, in one of the following Thematic Topics:

1. Physiological effects on forest therapy – Forest Medicine and Forest Therapy for Public Health
2. Psychological effects on forest therapy – Mental Health benefits of exposure to Nature – Reducing stress, and providing therapeutic value for people with chronic and acute diseases
3. Industrialization of forest welfare – Green infrastructure to improve urban life and livelihoods in cities – Innovation in the forest services sector by using new technologies
4. Training experts in the field of forest welfare – Green jobs in the forest services sector – Planning forest education and forest therapy activities and human recreation in Forest/Natural environment for Public Health
5. Policy and Traditional Knowledge related to forest welfare of each country – Valuing and protecting scientific and traditional knowledge – Legislation and policies on human health and wellbeing with forests


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